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Adult Superintendent
Brenda Biscaino
575-639- 1309
Youth Superintendent
Sharon White
575-642- 6319


$3.00 per exhibitor (As many entries as desired - no restrictions.)

Special Events Building at the following time: NOTE: NEW ENTRY TIMES
Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 1pm – 7pm
NOTE: Entries taken on Tuesday only, NOT Wednesday morning as in previous years.

CLICK HERE for entry form

Sunday, October 1, 2017 4:00 - 6:00pm Veteran’s Building

Note: Baked goods and confections will be auctioned off during the Southern New Mexico State Fair Bake Sale. However,
ribbons and prizes for these entries will be available for pick-up on Sunday. Persons demanding early release will forfeit
any prizes or ribbons.

1. ADULT BLUE RIBBON BAKER AWARD: $50.00, engraved tray sponsored by a local business plus
Rosette for the Best Adult Entry in Lots 1- 9
2. YOUTH BLUE RIBBON BAKER AWARD: $50.00, engraved plaque, plus Rosette for the Best Youth Entry in Lots 1-9
3. ADULT DECORATED CAKES & CREATIONS AWARD: $50.00, certificate, plus Rosette for the Best Adult Entry in Lot 10
4. YOUTH DECORATED CAKES & CREATIONS AWARD: $50.00, certificate, plus Rosette for the Best Youth Entry in Lot 10
5. BEST OF LOT: $25.00 plus Rosette in each of Lots 1-10 for both Youth & Adult Entries
6. SECOND BEST OF LOT: $15.00 plus Rosette in each of Lots 1-10 for both Youth & Adult Entries
7. MERIT AWARD: Rosette for exceptional or outstanding entries No Cash Award
8. GENERAL AWARDS: No Cash Award 1st through 4th place ribbons will be given in each class.
1. Exhibitors must live in Doña Ana, Bernalillo, Catron, Grant, Hidalgo, Luna, Otero, Sierra, Socorro, Valencia or El Paso Counties.
2. All entries must be the work of the exhibitor and must have been made after the close of last year’s fair.
3. Any item that is entered and deemed by the Superintendent to be in bad taste, will not be accepted.
4. Entries should be displayed on sturdy DISPOSABLE (NON-RETURNABLE) plates or containers. All decorations and containers entered for competition in this section becomes part of the item when auctioned at the SNMSFR Bake Sale.
5. Mixes are discouraged. Made-from- scratch items are expected. (Exception is Lot 10 in which items are judged on appearance only.)
6. REFRIGERATED ITEMS ARE STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. (fresh fruit, whipped cream, crème cheese, 3-milk cake, etc.). They cannot be auctioned at the bake sale and are not eligible for a monetary or premium award.
7. JUDGING: Specific judging criteria are listed below each lot name. Keep criteria in mind when submitting entries. Many entries require a certain number of items to judge uniformity. If the correct number of pieces are not submitted, the entry will receive substantial deductions.

8. All entries will be judged according to age group. The age or Division must be on the entry form.

Z. Adult Division - 19+ years C. Beginners Division 4-8 years
A. Senior Division - 14-18 years D. Special Needs / Handicapped Division
B. Junior Division - 9-13 years  
Note: Beginner’s Division (C) entries are not eligible for premium awards.


9. The Superintendent may at his or her discretion, declare a new class in any lot to aid the judges in the separation of entries.
10. Every precaution will be taken to protect exhibits, but the fair will not be responsible for loss or damage. The owner’s themselves must take the risk of exhibiting them.
Yeast breads will be judged as follows: volume (light for size), shape, flavor (well-blended), pleasant smell (not yeasty), crust (tender & evenly brown), texture (moist & tender)
Lot 1A – Loaf (one loaf)
FS 101. White
FS 102. Wheat 100%
FS 103. Wheat Part
FS 104. Other Grains
FS 105. Cinnamon
FS 106. Rye
FS 107. French
FS 108. Raisin
FS 109. Coffeecake
FS 110. Herb
FS 111. Sourdough
FS 112. Potato
FS 113. Special Shapes
FS 114. Miscellaneous
Lot 1B – Rolls (six rolls, buns or pretzels)
FS 115. White Rolls
FS 116. Whole Wheat Rolls
FS 117. Hard Rolls
FS 118. Buns
FS 119. French
FS 120. Cinnamon/ Sweet Rolls
FS 121. Nut / Pecan
FS 122. Sourdough
FS 123. Special Shape Rolls
FS 124. Bread sticks
FS 125. Potato
FS 126. Pretzels
FS 127. Raised Donuts
FS 128. Miscellaneous
LOT 2 - QUICK BREAD (One loaf or six rolls, biscuits, or sopapillas)
Quick breads will be judged as follows: shape appropriate for type, even color, texture (moist & tender, no tunnels or holes), rich flavor
FS 201. Nut Bread
FS 202. Fruit Bread
FS 203. Vegetable Bread
FS 204. Biscuits
FS 205. Muffins
FS 206. Cornbread
FS 207. Tortillas
FS 208. Cake Donuts
FS 209. Sopapillas
FS 210. Coffeecake
FS 211. Scones
FS 212. Miscellaneous
LOT 3 - COOKIES (twelve)
Cookies will be judged as follows: appearance (evenly browned), flavor (delicate & well-blended), texture characteristic of type, uniform shape, size & color
FS 301. Drop, Chocolate Chip
FS 302. Drop, Oatmeal
FS 303. Drop, Sugar
FS 304. Drop, Chocolate
FS 305. Drop, Other
FS 306. Molded, Sugar
FS 307. Molded, Biscochitos
FS 308. Molded, Peanut Butter
FS 309. Shaped or Molded
FS 310. Sandwich or Filled
FS 311. Frosted
FS 312. Cookie Press or Spritz
FS 313. Refrigerator or Sliced
FS 314. Bars
FS 315. Brownies
FS 316. Miscellaneous

LOT 4 - CAKES ICED & UNICED (one whole cake)
Note: No refrigerated cakes (i.e. whipped cream fillings, cream cheese frostings, fresh fruit)
Cakes will be judged as follows: appearance (shape & size), volume (light in weight for size), crust (uniced smooth & uniform),
crumb (color, texture, fineness), frosting (glossy, not granulated, flavor soft, not sticky, suitable flavor)

FS 401. Chocolate
FS 402. White
FS 403. Yellow
FS 404. Spice
FS 405. Fruit (apple, peach, etc.)
FS 406. Angel
FS 407. Fruitcake
FS 408. Gingerbread
FS 409. Upside-down
FS 410. Filled
FS 411. Vegetable (Carrot, etc.)
FS 412. Chiffon
FS 413. Pound
FS 414. Torte
FS 415. Sponge
FS 416. Bundt
FS 417. Cupcakes (12)
FS 418. Miscellaneous
5A – Pastries (six)
Pastries will be judged as follows: appearance (attractive shape, uniform size & color), crust (tender & smooth), light in size, elastic crumb, filling (blended flavors, consistency,
no canned fillings
5B – Pies (one whole pie)
Pies will be judged as follows: appearance (fruit bubbling through crust), crust (flaky texture, tender, evenly browned), filling (fresh flavor, consistency of size fruit or nuts & texture, no canned fillings, no shrinkage from sides, no weeping.
FS 501. Flakes
FS 502. Turnovers
FS 503. Popovers
FS 504. Empanadas
FS 505. Tarts
FS 506. Cobbler (1 whole)
FS 507. Miscellaneous
FS 508. Fruit
FS 509. Berry
FS 510. Apple
FS 511. Cherry
FS 512. Pecan
FS 513. Nut, Pecan
FS 514. Miscellaneous
LOT 6 - CANDY (twelve pieces)
Candy will be judged as follows: appearance (uniform size & shape), consistency (smooth and creamy), delicate flavor and smell.
FS 601. Divinity
FS 602. Fudge
FS 603. Caramel
FS 604. Fondant
FS 605. Taffy
FS 606. Kisses
FS 607. Hard Candy
FS 608. Dipped Candy
FS 609. Mints
FS 610. Pralines
FS 611. Nut Brittle
FS 612. Glazed Nuts
FS 613. Toffee
FS 614. Truffles
FS 615. Nut Roll
FS 616. Penuche
FS 617. Nougats
FS 618. Lollipops (except Cake)
FS 619. Popcorn Balls
FS 620. Miscellaneous
LOT 7 - PECAN WORLD (Baked Goods featuring primarily pecans)
FS 701. Cookies (12)
FS 702. Fancy Nuts (12)
FS 703. Pies (1) / Pastries (6)
FS 704. Candy (12)
FS 705. Cakes (1)
FS 706. Bread (loaf or 3 mini)
FS 707. Miscellaneous
LOT 8 - CHOCO-HOLICS DELIGHT (Baked Goods featuring primarily chocolate)
FS 801. Cakes (1)
FS 802. Brownies (12)
FS 803. Candy (12)
FS 804. Cookies (12)
FS 805. Miscellaneous
9A - Diabetic Dreams (Low to no sugar, etc.) 9B - Allergic Aspirations (i.e. gluten free, any substitutions based on allergies,etc.)
FS 901. Cakes (1)
FS 902. Pastries (6)
FS 903. Candy (12)
FS 904. Pies (1)
FS 905. Cookies (12)
FS 906. Crackers (12)
FS 907. Breads (loaf or 6 rolls)
FS 908. Miscellaneous
FS 907. Cakes (1)
FS 908. Pastries (6)
FS 909. Breads (loaf or 6 rolls)
FS 910. Pies (1)
FS 911. Cookies (12)
FS 912. Crackers (12)
FS 913. Miscellaneous
Decorated Cakes Novelty Items are not eligible for the Blue Ribbon Baker Award (only Lots 1 – 9) but are eligible for the Decorated Creations Award. Items in Lot 10 will be judged on appearance only (will not be tasted). The base of the “cake” in 10B may be made from anything edible. All items in Lots 10 WILL BE AUCTIONED Wednesday evening at the Bake Sale. Cakes need to be displayed on a sturdy board or tray preferably no larger than 2” surrounding the item.
All decorated items will be judged on neatness, decorating technique, design, color, and creativity.
10A – Decorated Cakes
These items will be judged primarily on technique and skill.
10B – Decorated Creations (see note above) These items will be judged primarily on creativity and uniqueness.
FS 1001. Buttercream Cake (Icing and Tip decorations)
FS 1002. Shaped Character Cake
FS 1003. Picture Transfer Cake (piping gel, sugar, other methods)
FS 1004. Fondant, Gum Paste Cake
FS 1005. Mini Cakes - using mini cake pans (3)
FS 1006. Cupcakes (any technique) (6)
FS 1007. Miscellaneous
FS 1008. Special Design Cake (sculpture, unusual shape, etc.)
FS 1009. Tier Cakes
FS 1010. Shaped Theme Cakes
FS 1011. Fondant Cakes
FS 1012. Cupcakes (6) or Mini Cakes (3)
FS 1013. Gingerbread Creations (all edible)
FS 1014. Modeling Chocolate or Fondant Creations
FS 1015. Candy – Melt and/or Mold (12)
FS 1016. Cookies – bouquets, etc. (6)
FS 1017. Cake Pops (6)
FS 1018. Miscellaneous
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