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Frazier Shows
Frazier Shows

After years with his father Art Frazier, playing the Arizona State Fair, New Mexico State Fair and others in the Southwest, Cecil Frazier started and incorporated Frazier Shows of America in 1982. Over the next 20 years, he continued building one of the most productive large size carnival routes in the Southwest before selling the show to Steve and Julie Broetsky.

Frazier Shows brings over 35 years of experience in food, games, and rides to events such as:

  • Maryland State Fair
  • Virginia State Fair
  • New Jersey State Fair
  • South Carolina State Fair
  • Georgia State Fair
  • Florida State Fair
  • Arkansas State Fair
  • Louisiana State Fair
  • New Orleans Superdome
  • Ohio State Fair

Steve and Julie ventured into carnival ownership in 2002 with new and exciting ideas and past experience learned from the best. Steve served as a former concession manager and lot locator for 12 years with Deggeller Attractions and 10 years with them before that. Julie is a third generation carnival owner who prior to the acquisition of Frazier Shows, had operated her own food business.

Frazier Shows now operates some of the latest and most spectacular amusement rides. Steve Broetsky, President, researches annually for the latest equipment to bring to your event.

Frazier Shows is flexible and can provide anything from a small ride unit up to a full state fair midway, complete with rides, games of skill and tasty food treats. It provides amusement packages for events ranging from church festivals to large fairs such as The Navajo Nation Fair, The Southern New Mexico State Fair, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming to name a few.

Frazier Shows
Whitley Acres Exotic Petting Zoo and Pony Rides
Whitely Whitely Whitely
Whitely Whitley Whitley
Adrian D'Armarco

Adrian D´Marco discovered his passion for magic in the third grade when he happened upon an old magic book on a library shelf. He had no idea that this book would, quite literally, change the direction of his life. In fact, from that day forward the idea of becoming a professional magician would never leave his mind. Afterwhich, he made a point to learn as many amazing illusions as he could, which he enjoyed performing for his family and friends. Like most kids his age, he dreamed of going to Disneyland and at age 13 he found himself at the world renowned amusement park. To his delight, he discovered much more than he could have ever imagined. Disneyland, you see, has a magic shop like no other and Adrian spent countless hours that day watching the magicians perform an endless array of astonishing magic. Indeed, he was so smitten with each show that it wasn't until later that he realized he had missed seeing most of the park. During his high school and college years, Adrian was focused on his education. He graduated high school and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Education at the University of Texas at El Paso. His love for magic, however, never wavered. Adrian refocused on his dream and enthusiastically studied every magic book he could get his hands on. His family and friends soon realized that his skills had improved dramatically and they encouraged him to perform professionally. Soon people were asking him to perform at small venues. It was then, Adrian realized that the time was right to develop a professional show. For that reason, Adrian devoted endless hours to honing his close-up and stage illusion skills. His goal was to develop an elegant magic show with polished and mystifying illusions. Within a short while, Adrian’s childhood dream of becoming a professional Illusionist had come true



N.S.A. Horsemanship
NSA Horsemanship

Rudy Lara is located in La Mesa, NM and trains horses the natural way – without fear and intimidation. His goal is to help horses and people overcome their fears naturally by helping horses and their people together. The demonstration everything will focus around cowboy dressage including a garrocha demo and Colt stating



Bengal Tiger Encounter
Bengal Tiger Encounter Bengal Tiger Encounter Bengal Tiger Encounter
This exotic animal production brings you an inspirational and educational program featuring the Incredible Bengal Tiger. These tigers are helping to educate the public on the loss of habitat and the killing of tigers for profit in India and Asia. Tigers like these who are loved and protected as well as cared for by loving trainers are essential in bringing awareness to the public regarding the plight of the beautiful Bengal Tiger.  
Bengal Tiger Encounter Bengal Tiger Encounter Bengal Tiger Encounter Bengal Tiger Encounter
View Bengal Tiger Encounter Video




Cycle Circus Live
Cycle Circus Live Cycle Circus Live
Cycle Circus Live Cycle Circus Live Cycle Circus Live Cycle Circus Live



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