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Department J – Quilting    

Erma Giron
Linnea Egbert

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$3.00 for the 1st Quilt, $2.00 for each additional quilt.
Sunday, September 23, 2018 - Location to be announced.
Sunday, September 30, 2018 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Exhibits may not be removed before 4:00 PM on the Sunday of Fair week.

1. Best of Show - $50.00 and Rosette - Las Colcheras Quilt Guild
2. Best Appliqué - $15.00 and Rosette
3. Virginia Kane Best Hand Quilting - $15 and Rosette
    Virginia Kane founded the Quilting Competition at the Fair
4. Best Piecing - $15.00 and Rosette
5. Best Machine Quilting - $15.00 and Rosette
6. Best Art Quilt - $15.00 and Rosette
7. Best Use of Color - $15.00 and Rosette
8. Judge’s Choice - $15.00 and Rosette
9. Viewer’s Choice - $15.00 and Rosette
10. Best Miniature - $15.00 and Rosette
11. Best Long Arm or Standard Arm - $15.00 and Rosette

Best of Lot Awards $10.00 and Rosette Sponsored by the SNMSF

General Awards
First through third place and honorable mention ribbons, may be given in each class as merited by the quality of the exhibits in each category.
There are no cash awards.
1.The show is open to all residents of Dona Ana, Bernalillo, Catron, Grant, Hidalgo, Luna, Otero,Socorro, Sierra and Valencia Counties in New Mexico and El Paso County in Texas.
Entrants must be 19 years of age or older.
2.Each entry should have a 4 inch (2-inch for small quilts) finished double casing sewed securely to the top edge of the quilt. Casing should be stitched, top and bottom, with stitches that do not show on the front of the quilt.  

3. Quilts should be permanently labeled with quilter’s name on the quilt (on the sleeve is OK).
Name will be covered prior to judging.

4. No item will be accepted if it is soiled, stained, shows signs of use, or has an odor.  
5. All entries must be the work of the exhibitor, must have been finished in the last year and a half,
and cannot be something entered previously in the fair.
6. Entries appropriate to this Department will be accepted at the discretion of the Superintendent.
The Superintendent retains the right to change an entry’s placement in a category, combine categories
with few entries, and/or split categories with many entries.
7. You may enter as many items as you wish, but only one item per category.
No quilt may be entered in Lot 6, Miscellaneous, that will fit into any other Lot.
8. The Judge is instructed to award ribbons only to articles deemed worthy of merit.
If no competition exists and/or no article is worthy of first premium, the judge may award second
or third premium or none at all.
9. The Quilt Department and the SNM State Fair will not be responsible for the loss or damage of articles entered.
LOT 1 QUILTING BY HAND (BED QUILTS) - The work of one or two people  
Q 101 Pieced or Appliquéd
Q 102 * Mixed techniques
Q 103 Embroidered or Cross-Stitched.
Q 104 Whole Cloth
LOT 2 MACHINE QUILTED BED QUILTS - stationary Sewing Machine; the work of an individual
Q 201 Pieced or Appliquéd
Q 202 * Mixed Techniques
Q 203 Embroidered or Cross-stitched
Q 204 Whole Cloth
LOT 3 MACHINE QUILTED BED QUILTS - track mounted machine, the work of an individual
Q 301 Pieced or Appliquéd
Q 302 * Mixed techniques
Q 303 Embroidered or Cross-stitched
LOT 4 PROFESSIONALLY QUILTED BED QUILTS – Machine or hand quilted by a professional quilter. (Will be the same person if the quilter is a professionall.)
Must include the name of the quilter on entry form.

Q 401 Pieced
Q 402 Appliquéd
Q 403 * Mixed techniques
Q 404 Other
LOT 5 GROUP QUILTS ANY SIZE - Non-professional work: made by an individual & quilted by more than one person, made by more than one person and quilted by an individual, made by more than one person and quilted by more than one person.
Q 502 Pieced
Q 502 Appliquéd
Q 503 * Mixed techniques
Q 504 Other
Q 601 Tied Quilts, any size
Q 602 Quilt made from a kit
Q 603 Bed Runners and Lap Quilts
Q 604 Other, Yo-Yo, Crazy, Cathedral, pre-printed quilts and quilts that do not fit in other categories
Q 701 Landscapes
Q 702 Pictorial
Q 703 Abstract
Q 801 Pieced
Q 802 Appliquéd
Q 803 * Mixed Techniques
Q 804 Other
LOT 9 BABY AND JUVENILE QUILTS - the work of an individual
Q 901 Pieced
Q 902 Appliquéd
Q 903 * Mixed Techniques
Q 904 Other

LOT 10 SMALL QUILTS, NO SIDE LONGER THAN 24 INCHES - All parts of the quilt must be to scale, the work of an individual
Q 1001 Pieced
Q 1002 Appliquéd
Q 1003 * Mixed T
Q 1004 Other

LOT 11 HOUSEHOLD AND DECORATIVE ITEMS, must have quilting, appliqué, or piecing, the work of an individual
Q 1101 Pillows
Q-1102 Garments
Q-1103 Table Runners & Toppers, Place Mats
Q-1104 Other
*Mixed Techniques – includes combinations of techniques on the quilt top, such as thread painting, equal amounts of piecing and appliqué, embroidery, and other techniques added in a substantial amount. Does not include embellishments such as beading or buttons unless these are heavily used as the main focus of the quilt top.

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