Board Members

The Southern New Mexico State Fair & Rodeo Board is made up of a diverse group of men and women with a variety of backgrounds. They are all volunteers who work very hard throughout the year for the success of the Southern New Mexico State Fair & Rodeo, each year providing a positive & educational experience for thousands of New Mexico families.


Gary Lindsay

Executive Committee

Pictured left to right: Treasurer Keri Nunez, Member at Large T’Lynn Neal, Secretary Darla Wax, Member at Large Dona Rutherford, Member at Large William Posbeck, Vice President Trevor Wax

Fair Board Members

Back row left to right: Trevor Wax, Mark Pacheco, Keri Nunez, Sharon Sevachko, Anastasya Griffith, 
Darla Wax, T’Lynn Neal, Wendy Fancher, Margaret Ciriza, Dona Rutherford
Bottom row left to right: Joseph Montoya, William Posbeck, Amy Slaughter, Tiffany Whetten, Logan Corbett
Fair Board members not pictured: Gary Lindsay, John Campbell, Melissa Cometti, Kathleen Gardner, Mark Halvorsen, Dianne Posbeck, John Slaughter, Melissa Woodall, Justin Hettinga, John Wax, Jerry Ciriza

Staff Members

Pictured left to right:
Marketing Director Shelby Montano,
Fair Manager Travis Brown

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